Modern world and Freight air transport

Opportunities and needs of the modern world

  The modern world and its transport system provide the inhabitants of our planet with great opportunities: visiting new places, discovering new cultures, business trips or vacations by the sea and skiing in the mountains. In addition, we rarely think about some of them, taking them for granted.
  For example, your parcel from an auction or an online store located on the other side of the world can be delivered the next day, and after the premiere of a new collection of clothes or ultra-modern gadget you can buy this product in the nearest store within a week. Such opportunities are provided transportation by air.
  Now imagine that all these are carried by sea. In the best case, by the time of arrival this product will simply become outdated and lose its relevance. But such as medicines, perishable products, goods that require special delicacy, as well as all other freight and parcels, for which time of delivery is a priority, will be impossible without the advantages that aviation has. Therefore, when choosing the type of transport, a person or modern business has to constantly balance between "cheap but long" or "fast but expensive".
  Is everything so definite, or is it possible to find a compromise and to make shipping by air cheaper? In today's rapidly changing world, there has been a demand for fast and cost-efficient air transport of cargo and mail. Or maybe transport companies specifically raise prices? Of course not, and the cost of this type of transport is economically justified, based on the opportunities of existing cargo airlines. But how to satisfy the demands of the modern world in air transportation at affordable prices? It requires a new carrier, which has opportunities that competitors do not have, which will allow transportation to make cheaper while at the same time keeping all the advantages of aviation.

Demand for air cargo transport as a result of globalization

  Accelerate the process of production internationalization as a consequence of globalization. The world productive resources distribution and rapid development of international trade leads to a permanent increase in freight traffic and the development of international transport infrastructure. Many firms, in order to create a more competitive goods and reduce the cost of manufacturing, transfer part or all production to countries with more favorable conditions in terms of economy, politics and labor resources. Therefore, the transport system plays a strategically important role in modern business, which leads to the accelerated development of international logistics systems for export and import.

EU trade in goods with China graph

  Turning to statistics, according to eurostat, we can highlight a clear trend in increasing trade turnover and the volume of cargo transported over the past decade, using the example of the economies of China and Europe that are quite geographically distant from each other. Moreover, as the graph indicates this trend is true for exports and imports and for both states.

Graph showing the world volumes of cargo transportation by air

  It is not surprising that the graph of world cargo transportation by air, built according to "the WORLD BANK", has the same tendency to increase the volume of cargo transportation every year. Since such indisputable advantages of aviation as speed, safety, moving goods over long distances, when it is too long by sea and land or there is no such possibility, will undoubtedly be in demand. These statistics indicate a promising growth in the volume and demand for air cargo transportation in the future.
  Cargo airlines that have the advantage of a favorable geographical location will undoubtedly have a high demand for their services, being more cost-effective compared to competitors in this service sector from other regions.