How to get a GAFS?

How to get your GAFS?

Step 0

Login to DEX Waves Exchange

Step 1

Select Trading from the menu at the top of the screen, if you follow a link from our site, the trading platform will be opened immediately.

Step 2

Puting GAFS word
After opening the trading platform, enter GAFS in the search field in the upper left corner. Select the trading pair to make a purchase, in the example the GAFS/WAVES is selected.

Step 3

Puting GAFS number
After selecting a trading pair, select Buy in the lower left corner, enter how many GAFS you would like to buy and press the Buy GAFS button. Now you have GAFS and Globe Air Freight member.

How to add the GAFS ticker to your wallet?

Step 4

Select Wallet from the menu at the top of the screen.

Step 5

Plus asset to wallet
Scroll to the bottom of the screen until the presented tickers are finished and you see the free space. Click on the place for a new ticker with a "+" sign.

Step 6

find a GAFS
In the window that pops up, enter GAFS into the search field, then select the checkbox near the ticker GAFS and click Pin.

Step 7

GAFS in wallet
Now you can see the previously purchased GAFS in your wallet.