Globe Air Freight White Paper chapters

Is the shortest distance always a straight line?

Shortest distance

  We're all used to the shortest distance is a line connecting two points... But is that really true? Of course, this is true if we connect two dots drawn on a sheet of paper using a ruler. But what happens if we take two points not on a flat page of a notebook, but on a more interesting object like a sphere? For these purposes, we will need not an ordinary ruler, but something else, for example, a cord.

Transport hub, Airline's base and Freedoms of the air

Transport hub in Central Asia

  Since northern routes are the shortest distances, many of the paths of the Famous Great Silk Way, which delivered silk and other goods between East and West, had very similar routes through Central Asia. That' s why there are so many ancient cities in this region, which once served as transit bases or transport hubs for caravans going from east to west and from west to east.

Cargo airline in Central Asia

Cargo Airline in The Republic of Kazakhstan is the best choice

  The cargo airline in central Asia will have a favorable geographical position, being in the center of the Eurasian continent. It is makes it possible to easily deliver cargo between east and west, using the sixth "freedom of the air" (ICAO Doc. 9626) which will be implemented in economic advantages over competitors from other regions.

Tokens and fund, 80/20 Model

Fund distribution

  The main part of the holding's capital, 80% of the collected funds, will be used to form a fleet, which will then be leased to the created airline with subsequent redemption. The most expensive part in the organization of the airline is the aircraft fleet, as it will be the primary asset that generates income. That' s why the difference between "soft cap" and "hard cap" is so significant, because it is based on the type and number of aircraft.

Development strategy

Development strategy

  The development strategy is a fundamental part of the entire Globe Air Freight program and describes the process of forming the overall structure and organization of the holding. It consists of two parts of the short-term part - the first step and the long-term part - the second step of the development strategy.

Token, token-sale and return


  The GAFS token is a digital asset that represents membership in the program and gives the right to exchange it for company shares. It is directly woven into the company's structure and is a part of it, as it will become the basis for issuing a limited number of shares equal to 1/10 of the total number of tokens after the ITO. And, initially, only token holders can get it.



  The modern world, where life becomes faster every year, puts great challenges to the transport system, but also provides great opportunities for those startups that have the uniqueness and relevance to modern society. The Globe Air Freight program is unique, because it is the first project, which is open to all comers, that will form the airline on the basis of Blockchain technology and tokenization.